Comments on Supervisor Training Program

WOW!!  I am in awe of your knowledge!  This course is one I will highly recommend to others.” 

-Marie Izzi  (



I feel privileged to have taken this training with Sue and Don.  Tremendous contributors to our field.”

-Lynn Hecht Siegel (

I have never found a better wealth of knowledge. This is something I will value forever.”

-Jessica Mariano (

Few people know more about training LPCs than Sue and Don.  They were knowledgeable, professional, ethical, skillful and able to respond to everything!”

-Charles Hughes (

The presenters modeled positive dedication to the growth of individuals within the profession.”

-Cherelle Putz (



 I REALLY appreciate being able to ask questions after the training is completed! The opportunity is priceless! A definite bonus for completing the Advanced Supervision Program. Wow...thank you. I so appreciate the clarity in how to proceed THANKS!!!! You are worth a million!”

-Teresa Traverso (


The homestudy components are so helpful for the working professional and one with a family.  The training days were wonderful, comfortable, and the environment from the trainers and colleagues was extremely supportive. Best training I have been to!” 

-Rachel Johnson (

Great information. Very in-depth. I was very impressed with the level of detail and organization. It was great learning from those who have such vast knowledge and experience.” 

-Lynn Jackson (

The video was great. The second training day was invaluable as we implemented what we had learned and offered each other feedback. I feel as though I learned a great deal from this experience.” 

-Rebecca Powers-Livingston (

The homestudy component was very thorough. The DVD was particularly helpful.  The exploration and self-reflective process was very valuable. The homestudy program prepared me well for the first session. The first training day was also very informative. I think the information presented was comprehensive and well balanced.”

-Susan Lowe (

The homestudy materials were easily accessible and affordable. The assignments were clearly presented and requested to be completed in a timely manner. Assignments were helpful and insightful. The first training day was inviting and informative. The additional materials provided are extremely valuable and informational. The second training day was extremely helpful, very valuable, thought-provoking with awesome resources and material.”  

-Carrie Bueker (

It was really inspiring to be taught from trainers that know so much about the field.” 

-Rachael Kool (

I definitely feel so much more prepared than imagined. Great structure to supply us with resources and various ways to do supervision.”

-Kathy Piecuch (

I was impressed! This training is the premier one in Michigan and I was honored to take it.” 

-Heather Brown (

Invaluable! I appreciate the trainers willingness to answer our questions and make themselves available as a continuing resource after the training.” 

-Harold Love (

“ Excellent!  Well worth the investment!.”

-Sherle Gordon (