Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs)


Limited Licensed Professional Counselors (LLPCs) may practice only under the supervision of a fully licensed LPC.  Effective January 2005, LPCs providing supervision must be trained in supervision.  Effective March 29, 2012, that training must include 30 contact hours or 2 graduate level credits in topics specified by the Michigan Board of Counseling.  Supervision requirements are as follows: 

1)  3,000 of counseling practice over not less that 2 years.

2)  100 Hours of supervision "accrued in the immediate physical presence of the supervisor".

3)  A professional disclosure statement that reflects the counselor is practicing under supervision including the name of the supervisor.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT)


Limited Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LLMFT) may practice only under the supervision of a fully licensed LMFT.  They must clearly indicate they have a limited license and do not practice independently.  Supervision requirements are as follows: 


1)  1,000 direct client contact hours in supervised marriage and family therapy experience. 

2)  Half of the experience must be with "families, couples or subsystems of families physically present in the therapy room". 

3)  The experience must be verified by the supervising LMFT. 

4)  The experience is obtained as part of a doctoral program or after completing the required masters degree, but may be obtained concurrently with course requirements specified in section 333.16909 a ii, A B C D and E of the Marriage and Family Therapy section of the Public Heath Code. 

5)  Supervisees must be supervised in a ratio of 1 hour of supervision for each 5 hours of experience, with not less that 200 of face-to-face contact with the supervisor.

6)  Not less than 100 hours shall be individual supervision with no more than 1 other supervisor present.  The remaining supervision may be group supervised with no more than 6 supervisees with 1 supervisor.