Dr. Sara Sue Schaeffer

Dr. Sara Sue Schaeffer earned her Doctorate in 1983 from the Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University.  She has worked as a school counselor, private practice therapist, hospital administrator, consultant and coach.  She is past president of the Michigan Counseling Association (MCA) and served for seven years as the first Chair of the Michigan Board of Counseling.  She is married to Dr. Don Amidon, her partner at The Mentoring Institute.  She has two step-children, four grandchildren, and two Certified Therapy Dogs, Carly and Lacey, who work with her.

Dr. Donald A. Amidon

Dr. Donald A. Amidon has served as a clinical supervisor in a variety of settings.  He received his MA in Rehabilitation Counseling from Michigan State University and his Doctorate degree specializing in Post-traumatic Stress from Western Theological Seminary.  He has worked as a mental health and substance abuse therapist, a supervisory veterans hospital chaplain, a Naval Reserve supervisory staff chaplain, private practice therapist and coach.  He has served on a variety of health service boards and as president of each.  He has extensive esperience in staff support and program development and served as editor and chief author of a revised pastoral care manual for the Navy Bureau of Medicine.  He is married to Dr. Sue Schaeffer, his partner in The Mentoring Institute.  He has two children, four grandchildren and two Certified Therapy Dogs, Carly and Lacey, who work with him.