Supervisees' Comments

If you are interested in the Supervision Program of the Mentoring Institute you might like to know what some of our current supervisees have to say about our program. Each has listed Their phone number and welcomes your calls and questions.


As a new school counselor with an L.L.P.C., I have learned a great deal of important information about state licensure, scope of practice, and clinical practice through my supervision with The Mentoring Institute. The supervision group has provided a supportive and informative environment for learning from counselors who work in diverse settings. Sue and Don are excellent supervisors who have several years of experience to share with the group and are available for consultation on a regular basis.

Sarah Mullared-Dickman


I REALLY appreciate being able to ask questions!  This opportunity is priceless!  A definite bonus for completing the Advanced Supervision Program.  Wow... thank you.  I so appreciate the clarity in how to proceed.  THANKS!!!!  You are worth a million!

Teresa Traverso


My experience with supervision has been a valuable part of my first few years in practice. The combination of case consultation, education, and the licensing process has helped me gain insight into the practice of psychotherapy. If you have any questions about supervision at The Mentoring Institute, please contact me!

Nancy Creighton, MA, LPC, LLMFT, NCC


The Mentoring Institute supervision has greatly impacted my personal and professional development as a counselor. I have learned so much about licensure requirements, ethics, new techniques, latest research, and self-care as a counselor. Learning from highly trained experienced counselors and peer new professionals was a very well-rounded approach to supervision. Drs. Amidon and Schaffer have been significant in helping to build my confidence as a counselor through their encouragement and support.

Karen Dudley, MA, LLPC, LLMFT, NCC



I have been very impressed from day one with your supervision. I've appreciated your help in navigation paperwork requirements, insurance information, scope of practice, etc. In addition, the variety of presentations was useful. The group dynamics of the participants contributed to the richness of the experience. Compared to what I have heard from others about their experience with supervisors, I am confident the supervision receive from Sue and Don is superior!

Thank you, Don and Sue, for the extra effort you put into this process.

Claire Andrews



I am honored to share my appreciation for Drs. Amidon and Schaeffer. Their assistance has been great.

 Drs. Schaeffer and Amidon have been a significant source of encouragement in my professional and personal life.

 Not only have Drs. Schaeffer and Amidon provided a wealth of quality, clinical information, but have also been a    source of encouragement in our personal lives.

 It has been a pleasure to be supervised by such professional, experienced coursleors.

Julie Thornes



Having graduated from an out of state school, I entered supervision with a lot of confusion. The expertise and knowledge provided by Don and Sue have helped to clarify Michigan state procedures. The colleagues within the group have given me encouragement and direction. The confusion I felt one year ago has been cleared up and I am experiencing confidence each day I serve as a counselor.

Robyn J. Emde



The Mentoring Institute provides an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues and learn about the wide range of professional considerations in the area of counseling.

Mike McMahon


My experience with supervision at The Mentoring Institute has been very positive, educational, informative, applicable and cost-effective. I have been involved with the group for a year. I find the group to be practical and energetic. I highly recommend Drs. Schaeffer and Amidon for supervision. They certainly have met my needs and interests.

Diane Ferrell, MA, LLPC   (269-385-3373)


The supervision is great. You have a group of people to bounce information off of, which is a big help. Also Don and Sue are available to answer questions anytime. It’s a great comfort to know that they are there.

Amy Keas, MA, LLPC   (616-394-9892)


The biggest benefit of this supervision is that it provides exactly what each participant needs to be an effective counselor. Due to its interactive format, and the flexibility and openness of its leaders, the group is structured for the individual AND everyone involved.

Elsa Byler, LLPC, LLMFT, NCC   (574-243-0003)


I enjoy the diversity of the expertise of the group members and supervisors. The group is a great opportunity to share and network with each other. I also enjoy the support that I always feel when I attend.

Laura Mammen, MA, LLPC, LLMFT   (269-985-0459)


After 8 months of supervision, I was given my annul evaluation at work. My boss asked what was different, because I had blossomed at work. The biggest difference was my involvement in Supervision.

Angela Scott, MA, LLPC (616-532-0425 ext. 51)


The Mentoring Institute provides supervision for new professionals who need to meet supervision requirements as a LPC or LMFT. We provide supervisor training for mental health professionals who supervise their colleagues. We offer collegial consultation for experienced professionals in the areas of practice concerns, clinical issues and ethics. We also provide coaching services to individuals and organizations and consulting services in the areas of mental health practice, supervision, and human resource development. Our goal is to provide quality, professional services at affordable prices.  


We welcome your questions and comments: The Mentoring Institute, 1534 Woodland Dr., Portage, MI 49024. (269)-327-6030.